Art Month Sydney 2015 provides Opportunity to Connect with Artists

Art Month Sydney is an annual festival that encourages engagement with contemporary art and artists. Over a hundred galleries in Sydney will once again throw open their doors during March, inviting you into their spaces to get to know the artists and hear their stories.

Based in Potts Point, a hub for artists since the 1950's, contemporary art studio Signarture have become known among a discerning design savvy public and interior design professionals for their uniquely transparent, perspex artworks.

The modern alternative to artist canvas and framed prints, signarture perspex artworks are created using crystal clear perspex (also known as plexiglas or acrylic glass) and mounted so that they appear to float off the wall

"Perspex is a beautiful, modern, transparent medium and and we utilize this to full effect. The colours have gorgeous depth and light is able to interact with the artwork, creating stunning shadow casting and three dimensional depth." says Sarah Leslie, Owner and Creative Director of Signarture. "Light passes through the colours projecting these in a similar manner as  with a stained glass window". 

To experience the unique properties of Signarture perspex fine art prints, make an appointment to visit their studio during Art Month Sydney 2015.

Art Month Sydney runs from Friday March 6th through Sunday March 29th 2015.

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Signarture PR