NEW 'Aviary' Collection combines Vintage Illustration with Modern Art

Signarture announce the release of their Aviary collection of limited edition fine art prints on perspex.

Australian native birds, first depicted on paper nearly two hundred years ago, are reinterpreted as quintessentially modern, perspex artworks. A pandemonium of parrots, a cacophony of cockatoos and a durante of toucans are brought to life, the transparent medium giving them superior depth of colour and enabling their natural shadow casting.

The Aviary collection responds to the trend for vintage, scientific-style illustrations in contemporary interior design, accompanied by a revival in faux specimen display and the popular use of glass cloches as decorative accents.

“In mid-nineteenth century Victorian society, a private aviary filled with exotic birds was the height of fashion, a luxury afforded by the aristocracy” says Signarture creative director, Sarah Leslie. “For those of more modest means, taxidermy and lithographic prints became the vogue”.

These stunning perspex artworks can be installed in both indoor and outdoor spaces and indeed previous Signarture collections such as ‘treescape’ have focussed on bringing the outside in and connecting us to the natural environment.

Aviary takes this another step further, bringing the birds out of the trees and placing them in the spotlight” says Sarah.

The ‘collection is available to order in limited edition from