Innovative 3D Frames™ bring new dimension to Signarture Fine Art Prints

Birds are a perennially popular, and currently in-vogue, motif for interior decoration. Through the transparency of the medium and the design of Signarture's new 3D Frames™, their Aviary collection of Australian and Exotic fine art bird prints on perspex is brought to life in fine feathered detail. 

Without visible fixings, the innovative design holds these prints on transparent perspex away from the wall, enabling the unique, full colour, 3D shadow-casting effect for which Signarture's frameless perspex artworks are well known.

The Tasmanian Oak frames in a natural oil finish lend Signarture's use of the modern perspex medium a contemporary, organic feel that suits a wide range of interior design styles.

Produced in limited edition, each Signarture 3D Framed fine art print is accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity, and finished with Signarture's trademark engraved metal brand plate .

The Aviary collection of 3D Framed fine art prints is now available in a range of 4 sizes through Signarture's online gallery

600 x 400                                             RRP $699
900 x 600                                             RRP $1,299
1200 x 800                                           RRP $1,899
1500 x 1000                                          RRP $2,499