Why Artworks make Perfect Personalized Gifts

artwork gift giving

Everyone knows that artworks have the power to transform and personalize a space yet few people view artworks as one of life's necessities.

Certainly it can be hard to argue that their purchase should take priority over functional purchases for the home such as major furniture items and appliances despite the joy they bring. Hence, for a large number of people, artworks are quite often regarded as something of an indulgence, something to treat oneself to and to splurge on when the rest of the house, and the finances, are in order.

Now this isn't the place to get into a deeply philosophical discussion about the merits of instant gratification versus the denial of happiness, but a recent survey highlighted that for many people, gift giving occasions such as milestone birthdays and anniversaries as well as the major seasonal celebrations are often seen as "the justification" for an artwork purchase.

Artworks certainly make for truly memorable gifts:

  • They are on permanent display to be enjoyed each and every day
  • They don't wear out and will be cherished for many years ahead

Buying art as a gift is also not without its challenges:

  • A work of art is a matter of personal taste - you'll want to know the recipient well
  • The perfect artwork is unlikely to be located in a gallery around the corner...

A lot thought usually goes into finding the perfect work of art that will resonate with the recipient and have a lasting impact. And thankfully we're now able to browse online galleries from all over the world to find that perfect piece. 

If you're not absolutely certain which artwork would be preferred, and subtle or even not-so-subtle hints have not been received, a gift card is the thoughtful solution, and ensures that exactly the preferred artwork can be acquired. 

If you want be able to present the gift if artwork in person, bespoke limited edition prints such as those from Signarture need to be ordered a few weeks in advance^, whereas of course the purchase of gift card can be left to the, ahem, last minute.

Happy Gift Giving!


^ Signarture artworks required for delivery before the 2016 festive holidays within Australia will need to be ordered no later than Sunday 4th December 2016, and for International delivery by Sunday 27th November 2016. Signarture gift cards can be purchased at any time!