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guaranteed to add the wow factor to any space

The modern alternative to artist canvas and framed prints, signarture perspex artworks are created using crystal clear perspex (also known as plexiglas or acrylic glass) and mounted so that they appear to float off the wall. The colours have gorgeous depth, and the transparency of the medium is utilized to full effect: light interacts with the artwork, creating stunning shadow casting and three dimensional depth.

the difference is clear

Make no mistake. These artworks are quite unlike other products where a photographic print is mounted to the back of a piece of perspex. Those are completely opaque, and essentially a frameless method of displaying a photograph. And we don't simply apply a film to the perspex that can trap dust particles and delaminate over time. The unique effect, superior colour, definition and durability is achieved by using state of the art print technology. Only genuine signarture perspex artworks carry our signarture trademark.

contemporary art for inside and out

Signarture perspex art, in the frameless presentation, is weatherproof and ideal as outdoor art for outdoor rooms, a terrace, balcony or patio, where the changing angle of the sunlight can add an extra dimension to the shadowcasting. The perspex itself is UV stabilised, whilst the inks are UV resistant. As with all printed or coloured materials, if exposed to prolonged direct sunlight or the elements over a period of years, fading or degradation may eventually occur. We recommend they are installed in areas of partial shade, and where overhead cover prevents excessive exposure to sun or rain. 

Our perspex artworks are also perfect for high humidity environments, whether spas, bathrooms or tropical climates, where canvases or traditional prints on paper would attract mould and / or warp.

art for safety-first public spaces

Perspex has ten times greater impact strength than glass, making our perspex artworks far safer to transport, to install and in case of accident.  

And, with their non-porous, easy to wipe-down and sterilise surface, our perspex artworks also meet the stringent hygiene requirements of healthcare and hospitality environments which, in the pandemic era of the novel coronavirus or COVID-19, has become a paramount concern for all public spaces.

3D Frames™

Currently only illustrated within the Aviary Gallery, but available as an alternative finishing option for any artwork, our innovative 3D framed presentation is suitable for inside only, and lends a whole new contemporary, organic feel to our fine art perspex prints. 

Mounted at the front of a deep frame, the fine art print is held away from the wall and are therefore still able to use the transparency of the perspex medium to full effect, generating the unique, full colour, 3D shadow-casting effect for which Signarture perspex artworks are known. They retain the minimal appearance of our frameless perspex artworks, having no visible fixings and allowing the wall colour to show through. 

Constructed from sustainably sourced Tasmanian Oak, with a natural oiled finish* that enhances the beauty of the raw timber, these frames are suit a wide range of interior styles, from contemporary to more traditional. Each frame is hand crafted and finished with our signarture engraved metal brand plate.  

*By special order, at no additional charge, we can supply the frames in other finishes Woodgrain Black, Satin Black, Woodgrain White and Satin White.

limited edition

Our perspex artworks are produced in limited editions of 250, and each piece is accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

ready to hang

Our perspex artworks are supplied ready to hang, the frameless pieces complete with satin chrome* finished solid brass bolts, and step by step installation instructions. Perspex is about half the weight and far less fragile than glass, so weight is not an issue even on a stud wall. Once installed, the surface of your artwork will sit 25mm off the wall.

NB: whilst the illustrations may show only 4 bolts, panels of 120 cm or more in any dimension have additional mounting bolts at the midpoints, so 6 or 8 in total.

*By special order, and at a surcharge, we can supply the bolts in other finishes Satin Gold, Satin Black, Bright Chrome and Bright Gold.

caring for your perspex artwork

Our perspex artworks are lightweight and shatter-resistant, but susceptible to scratches. The face of the artwork can be wiped down using a non-abrasive (eg. microfibre) cloth dampened with water, or a mild soap and water solution. A proprietary cleaner is neither necessary nor recommended.