August 31, 2017

Buying Contemporary Artworks Online

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In an ideal world, many of us would like to have the time and opportunity to be able to browse through artworks in art galleries. But without ready access to commercial galleries in our area, let alone to ones that are exhibiting artworks that appeal, or are within our price range, this is often impractical.

On the other hand there are many of us, even with access, or indeed the money, that have no inclination to set foot within a commercial gallery space: the very idea is intimidating.

It's therefore not surprising that increasing numbers of people are buying contemporary art online, across all levels of the market. 

Online art galleries solve the primary problems of time and access, but offer several further advantages:

  • you'll discover many more options in artistic style and medium
  • it's much easier to narrow your search to those that appeal to you
  • there isn't the pressure or intimidation of a physical gallery space
  • the whole journey is less time consuming and more convenient

The ability to narrow your search is especially powerful, particularly if your approach to buying art is driven by a necessary pragmatism as much as emotion. You can quickly filter out all those artworks that might not feature your desired colours, or be available in the minimum dimensions required. 

Of course, as with other items of aesthetic value from fashion to furniture, potentially the two most common concerns when buying artwork online are:

  • it might look different in reality compared to how it was represented online
  • it may not look as envisaged once in situ

Beyond publishing high quality images of the artworks themselves, and photographs of real artworks in situ, we address your concerns through:

We do also have showrooms in key capital cities, and we're here to help you through the process. We welcome your call during business hours, and you can contact us at any time to request a call back.

Enjoy browsing our online art gallery!

Art, Colour, Environment and Metamerism

Metameric Colour Exhibition at London Design Museum

Colour is a powerful and emotive force, and we go to great lengths to provide clients with colour assurance because of the potential for disparity between the colour experienced on screen versus that experienced in reality.

Yet, ultimately, experiencing colour is in fact completely dependent on its physical, visual, artistic, and cultural context.

Despite an entire industry’s best efforts to name and codify colours, whether that be with the Pantone, RAL or NCS systems, they constantly shift in response to light and space. An environment can affect a colour as much as a colour affects our environments. It’s the reason why the paint you choose always looks different on a wall than it did on the paint chip.

Colour pigments interact with light and hence colours take on different hues depending on the time of the day and the brightness and temperature of light. 

Our brains respond to stimuli produced when incoming light reacts with various cone cells in our eyes, but colours appear differently based on the other colours they’re paired with, the materials they’re used on, the shape of an object or space they are in, and the quality of light.

In the case of natural light, that means colours even change in hue over the course of a single day. A colour might look differently in the warm morning light than it does in the cooler light in the evening or, obviously, the dark. They might change subtly or drastically depending on the pigment.

A wonderful new exhibition at the Design Museum in London, this concept - known scientifically as metamersim - is wonderfully illustrated, not least by a series of multi-faceted vessels by Hella Jongerius.

The angled surfaces each differently capture and reflect the colours of the surfaces they are placed, so each panel appears to be a slightly different hue than its neighbour, even though they are all rendered in the same colour.

So, whilst we believe in providing you with the best colour assurance possible, you might like to reflect on the idea that colours can’t actually be controlled. As the exhibition designer Alex Newson says: “You can select colours based on expected performance, but they will usually surprise you. It’s better to be freer in how we can enjoy colour, and the idiosyncrasies and unexpected elements of colour.”

June 22, 2017

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Our One-Off Studio Sale

Signarutre Studio Sale Gallery June 2017

We're making space for new pieces, which means it's your opportunity to save up to 75% on a variety of perspex and canvas artworks across our collections. 

There's only ONE of each of these pieces.

Click here to view larger images of all the artworks in our Studio Sale Gallery on Facebook

Heavily discounted pieces either have wear and tear, such as scuff marks or chips following exhibition or transit, or are not up to our usual print quality standards. At normal viewing distance, you'll be very happy with the price!

Pieces discounted by 30% may have been on display or to a photoshoot but are pretty well 'as new'.

All are supplied with bolts or strung, ready to hang.

Contact us on 02 8001 6141 for more information about any piece, or to arrange an inspection or delivery.

Click here for full details regarding delivery and more 

May 25, 2017

Acrylic Glass Artworks v. Glass Artworks

 Signarture Pink Cockatoo Acrylic Glass Artwork

Many people, on first seeing our perspex artworks, assume that they are made of glass. The material certainly appears similar, but it's actually acrylic glass.

Perspex® and Plexiglas® are two of the leading brand names of acrylic glass, which is the hard, transparent form of a plastic whose chemical name is polymethyl methacrylate, or PMMA.

As the material base for our signature, transparent artworks, acrylic glass has several advantages over glass:

1. It's less than half of the weight of glass, making it both more economic to transport and easier to install.

2. It has ten times greater impact strength than glass, making it far safer to transport and far safer to handle.

3. It transmits less UV light than glass, providing more protection for the artwork which will retain its true colour and vibrancy far longer, whether hung inside or out.

4. Acrylic glass is the most transparent material available and with superior optical qualities, it's genuinely crystal clear, even clearer than conventional glass.

To that last point, acrylic glass simply transmits more light than glass. Up to 92% of visible light is transmitted through acrylic. Mineral glass transmits 80-90%, depending on type of glass and manufacturer. Standard 'float' glass has a characteristic green tinge, whilst low iron, Starphire glass comes much closer to the clarity of acrylic.

What about sustainability and recycling?

We produce all our artworks to order, which is a highly sustainable approach to manufacturing as it avoids material waste, and our standard sizes are engineered for 100% utilisation of a full sheet. Properly cared for, the artworks will last for decades.

But if and when there's no longer a place for them, what are your options for recycling?

1. First off, we would suggest you look to on-sell or donate the artwork. If you don't want to handle the sale, or know of anyone setting up a new home, think charitably: there are always deserving blank walls out there in your local community.

2. If that isn't an option, maybe because it's been severely damaged, the good news is that the material can be recycled. 

Acrylic is classified as a Group 7 plastic and recycled acrylic PMMA has wide ranging applications across a number of industrial sectors from construction to medical. The challenge you may run into is that Group 7 plastics aren't always collected for recycling by local councils.

We certainly wouldn't like to see any of them going to landfill so, if it's proving difficult for you to organize, get in touch: we should be able to direct you to a material distributor with a recycling program in place.

Learn more about the unique design of our transparent artworks, and their suitability for installation inside and out.  

Buying Artworks Online from the USA or Canada?

Are you visiting our online art gallery from Canada or the USA?

Having shipped our signarture artworks right across the continent of North America, from California to Connecticut, we not only know that you're more likely to call acrylic glass 'plexiglas' rather than 'perspex', we know what's really important to you:

Dollar Pricing

Our native dollars are different, and you'll love our prices all the more once you've clicked the little dropdown box at the top right and selected USD or CAD.

Imperial Sizing

Like Canada, Australia has moved on from imperial to metric, but we get you in the USA! Here's the conversion for all our standard sizes. For absolute accuracy, divide centimetres by 2.54 to get inches.

Convert Signarture Artwork Sizes from Metric to Imperial

Paint Colour Standards

Yes, we speak Benjamin Moore. Should you wish to colour customise, or just be absolutely sure what colours our artworks are, we've got you covered.

International Shipping

Add any artwork to the cart and you can preview shipping charges by entering your country and zip code, and rest assured you'll be able to track delivery from dispatch to your door.


Thankfully, we do speak the same language. Well, almost ;) 

If you'd like our advice on selecting the perfect artwork for your place or project, please don't hesitate to get in touch and depending on your time-zone we can even set up a call.

The Easy Way to an Introduce Greenery

oversize signarture kuranda canvas

Bringing the outside in is an enduring trend contributing to Pantone's choice of Greenery as the colour of 2017. If you're lucky enough to be surrounded by lush, natural greenery, then employing floor to ceiling glass or expansive windows to connect you to nature may be all you need.

But where the views are more challenging, and that connection to nature is lost, introducing living green walls, botanically-themed wallpaper, artworks or accent pieces is the way to go.

And whilst painting or wallpapering takes plenty of preparation and a fair chunk of time if you're going to do it yourself, hanging an artwork takes less than an hour, has an immediate impact and a transformative effect on your space.

If you didn't get around to it over the Christmas / New year break, then the four day Easter holiday is often seen as the perfect opportunity to inject some new life into your home - the literal meaning of 'renovate'.

Finding that artwork that you love, complements your colour scheme, and is available in the right size for your space now takes a lot less time. You won't need to walk into a hundred gallery spaces searching for the one.

With our bespoke approach, Signarture solves all your usual artwork dilemmas by making it possible for you to order exactly the combination of artwork / colour / shape and size you need.

If you fall in love with any of our designs, you can very easily make it your own by customising it to suit your space.

There are many more than fifty shades of green, but what ever shade of green you like - fir, spruce, moss, jade, teal, apple, emerald - you'll find they are all super easy to specify.



January 22, 2017

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Signarture Wins Best of Houzz 2017

signarture wins best of houzz 2017

We are thrilled to start 2017 by sharing the news that Signarture has been awarded Best of Houzz for a fourth successive year.

The award is determined by a variety of factors, including the number and quality of reviews received throughout the previous year. Signarture consistently received 5-star ratings from their clients and several images of their artworks are among the most popular in the Artwork category as voted by the 40 million members of the Houzz community.

We're very grateful to those clients who took the time to write their reviews that earned us the award. If you haven't yet taken a look at Houzz, it provides not only inspiration for your next renovation or redecorating project, but an easy way to connect with the design professionals who can help make it happen for you.

We received this message from Jason Chuck, Managing Director, Houzz Australia: “We’re so pleased to award Best of Houzz 2017 to such a talented and customer-focused professional who helps turn their clients' home improvement dreams into reality."

Thank you clients, thank you Houzz and thank you Jason!

Check it out here:

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