sustainable design

signarture sustainable design approach

Sustainability is a core design principal for Signarture, manifested throughout our supply chain. 

Recyclable Materials

Our artworks are produced on Perspex® or Plexiglas®, two of the leading brand names of acrylic glass, the hard, transparent form of a plastic called PMMA. 

Composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, PMMA releases no harmful substances to the environment. Combustion only gives rise to carbon dioxide and water.

Unlike many other plastics, PMMA can be readily recycled all the way back to the original raw material (Methyl Methacrylate) which can be reused with almost no impact on quality. 

Our frameless perspex artworks are supplied with solid brass bolts, a valuable metal that can be recycled.

Our unique 3D Frames are constructed from sustainably sourced Tasmanian Oak, with a natural oiled finish.

Sustainable Manufacturing

We produce all our artworks to order, which is a sustainable approach to the consumption of resources. Our standard sizes are engineered for 100% utilisation of a full sheet of Perspex to avoid material waste. 

Made to Last

Perspex has ten times greater impact strength than glass, making our perspex artworks far safer to transport, to install and in case of accident.  

Perspex transmits less UV light than glass, providing more protection for the artwork which will retain its true colour and vibrancy far longer, whether hung inside or out.

Thanks to its resistance to aging and weathering, Perspex remains fully functional even after many years of service.

Properly cared for, our Signarture® perspex artworks will last for decades.