Designed and Made in Australia

australian designed australian made signarture braidwood perspex art diptych

Over the last decade or so there has been an increased awareness of the benefits and impacts of buying locally made products. According to all the research, we are becoming ever more conscientious about the impact that our purchasing behaviour has on local economies and the welfare of workers.

Moreover, there's been a large scale rejection of mass produced products. We're far more interested in the provenance of the goods we do purchase and whether their production is sustainable. We're increasingly seeking out products that express our individuality - whether that's a bespoke artwork or an artisanal gin. 

Signarture was founded in 2006 with a philosophy that all the products would be both designed and manufactured locally, taking a sustainable approach to production that would support the local economy.

So, as we celebrate Australia Day, we thought we'd share with you how the provenance of your Signarture artwork.

All fabrication and printing is performed in Sydney:

 - The acrylic glass material - Perspex or Plexiglas - that is used for the uniquely transparent artworks can only be sourced from overseas. None is manufactured in Australia.

  - Likewise the canvas is a specially coated material that is imported from the USA, but the timber for the frames comes from sustainable Australian plantations, and the frames assembled and canvases hand-stretched in Sydney.

 - Even the trademarked metal brand plates are produced in Sydney. Every little helps to reduce the carbon footprint.

And when it comes to the design, that's all local too. Unlike many businesses that outsource a whole range of functions, including digital design, Signarture supports and fosters local design talent and has provided professional experience, and often ongoing opportunities, for a succession of students from UNSW Art & Design.

Happy Australia Day!