7 Interior Design Techniques to Maximise the Impact of Art

Signarture Burrawang Artwork in Contemporary Bedroom Setting

If you're in the happy position of starting afresh decorating a new home, or you're able to work from a blank canvas when redecorating or renovating, artists and interior designers alike will always recommend that you buy your artworks first. You'll feel free to buy exactly what you love and not worry about 'what it goes with'.

Your decor can then be planned around your art, and these interior design techniques will help to maximize the impact of your artwork in your space. 

  1. Style Reinforcement: Whilst confident decorators can pursue an eclectic mix, matching the overall design of the space with the style of the artwork guarantees a great result. 
  2. Colour Repetition: Selecting similar tones from your artwork to use in upholstery or decorative accessories will strengthen it's overall impact. 
  3. Colour Proportions: Paying careful attention to the balance of color in your artwork and carrying that through to your furnishings will spread its influence rather than overpowering it. 
  4. Line and Form: Picking up on the lines of an artwork and echoing this through similar forms in decorative accessories and fixtures will only enhance the visual interest.
  5. Furniture Placement: Large pieces can often hold their own whereas smaller pieces need anchoring by major furniture pieces such as beds, tables and sofas. Off centre positioning works really well for larger artworks where you have the space.
  6. Focal Point Creation: Support this by exercising restraint in your other furnishing choices, particular where the artwork itself is 'busy'. Keeping furnishings neutral and monochromatic ensures your eye has one place to rest, on your artwork. 
  7. Highlighting: The use of directional spotlighting will serve to highlight your artwork, making it stand out within the room. With three dimensional artworks, lighting also increases the impact of the art through the shadows cast. 

Struggling with these concepts? Professional interior designers, decorators and artists have 'an eye' for exactly these things. They have an innate sense of how to balance colour, style and proportion. 

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