How to Measure Up for the Perfect Size Artwork

sizing up artworks using lo tack tape

One of the benefits of our bespoke approach to creating your artwork is that you get to choose the size and shape that works best for your space.

Given the choice, you might be left wondering which size and shape will actually suit best. Augmented reality (AR) Apps are in increasingly popular hi-tech solution (coming soon!) but in the meantime, this tried and tested lo-tech solution is quick and easy to implement. 

  1. Cut two strips of low tack masking tape - the type painter use, cheap and readily available from any hardware store - to the length of the maximum width of artwork you think you might like, and another two to the length of the maximum height.
  2. Fix these strips to the wall to outline the position where you will be placing the artwork.
  3. Take a photo straight on that shows the outlined artwork in context, and maybe another from a common approach angle.
  4. Repeat the process with smaller sizes and different shapes as necessary
  5. Compare your photos. Get a second opinion from a design professional or a friend with eye for these things.

As a rule artworks look best hung with their centre at eye level - or about 150-160cm from the floor -or with their top edge aligned with the top of door frames where these exist on the same wall.

Square and rectangular pieces suit a variety of spaces. Our larger sizes are ideal for open plan spaces, or rooms with really high ceilings where smaller artworks are just dwarfed by the scale.

Our panoramic pieces are a great option for placement above pieces of furniture from beds and sofas to sideboards and console tables. In fact we designed these to sit perfectly behind double, queen or king size beds, 2, 2.5 and 3 seat sofas.

It's a common mistake to buy artworks that are too small for today's open plan spaces - hopefully these tips will save you from that.