Art, Design and Technology

Some of our clients compare the ultra-modern appearance of our frameless perspex artworks to that of a flat screen TV. They certainly are as far removed from a canvas as the latter are from their analogue counterparts. A recent client who clearly loves his technology commented: "They're like the i-Phones of the art world". 

We'll take that as a compliment. Apple are world renowned for innovation, and for stimulating our desire for their brand of technology by delivering it to uncompromising design standards. Our artworks too are the result of an innovative blend of art, design and technology. 

The other week Apple unveiled their latest range of beautifully designed products, of which the iPhone 6S will be available in stores in Australia this week. As usual, in addition to offering enhanced functionality, such as 3D Touch, the new iPhone 6S is also offered in a new finish - rose gold.

In addition to the huge variety of artwork options that we offer, you also now have a choice of finish in the spacer bolts that are supplied with your perspex artwork.

The standard finish remains Satin Chrome, but by special order, Satin Gold and Satin Black are available, along with Bright Chrome and Bright Gold.

So whether your decor features warmer tones of gold and copper, or cooler tones of silver and pewter, or you're embracing the trend for mixed metallics, your artwork will fit right in. And if you planning on placing your artwork in the kitchen or bathroom there's even a satin black which will co-ordinate with the latest matt black tapware.