How to Create an Inspiring View from your Outdoor Space

Bespoke Signarture Balmoral Artwork in Outdoor Setting

As the days grow longer and the holidays are in sight, it's time to start visualizing the summer months ahead relaxing or entertaining outdoors... 

Pull up a seat in your patio, courtyard, balcony or pool area. If your outdoor space is uncomfortable and less than inspiring, then it's time to take a look at the vast array of contemporary, weather proof furnishings that enable you to live as stylishly and comfortably outdoors as you do indoors.

One thing we all crave is an inspiring view. If you're lucky enough to enjoy an amazing view from your outdoor space, well, sit back and relax - the space won't need any further adornment. But if you live in an urban environment, and you feel hemmed in, then its time to re-evaluate the walls and utilise them best effect. 

Our treescape perspex art works can be used to create a view where there is none. The material is half the weight of glass, far less fragile, and the finished artworks have excellent weather resistance. Moreover, they come to life, taking on an extra dimension in an outdoor setting where the angle and intensity of the light is constantly changing, and interacts with the transparency of the medium to create shifting shadow-casting.

Whether you crave views of an intimate vista or a far horizon, of sunrise or sunset from your balcony, patio or pool area, these contemporary treescapes will reconnect you to nature and help create a space you'll love to spend time in this summer. 

Any of our showroom partners across Australia would be delighted to help you with furniture too!

Outdoor Artwork for Patios, Courtyards, Balconies and Pool Areas

signarture cottesloe perspex outdoor artwork installed in courtyard setting

With the days growing longer and the holidays in sight, this is the time of year that we start to visualize the summer months ahead relaxing or entertaining outdoors. 

And our expectations of 'outdoor living' have changed dramatically over the last decade. No longer will a few aluminium folding chairs and a Weber barbecue suffice! With the advent of synthetic wicker, all-weather fabrics, outdoor lighting and indoor-outdoor carpets, you can now live as stylishly and comfortably outdoors as you do indoors.

To make the most of al fresco living, look at your patio, courtyard, balcony or pool area in the same way you might approach a room. You'll first need to consider:

  • flooring
  • lighting
  • colour
  • scale
  • furniture

But to create an outdoor room you're going to need more. Pattern and texture are key and, as with any indoor space, its the accessories and the artworks that you choose that transform bland and uninviting into something that expresses your personal style.

Metal artworks are a popular choice but if you're looking for something different, you might like to consider our perspex artworks

Perspex is a brand of acrylic glass, a material which is half the weight of actual glass, far less fragile, offers much greater UV resistance and is crystal clear.

To create the artworks we use inks that offer the optimum in UV resistance resulting in a finished product that has excellent weather resistance, and is unaffected by humidity in which other materials would corrode, warp or degrade.

We utilise the transparency of the medium to generate the stunning shadow-casting, and this takes on an extra dimension in an outdoor setting where the angle and intensity of the light is constantly shifting.

If your terrace, patio, courtyard, balcony or pool area is looking less than inviting, have a look through our perspex art collections and create a space you'll love to spend time in this summer. 

Any of our showroom partners across Australia would be delighted to help you with furniture too!

Portrait or Landscape Artwork Orientation

Comdain HomesThe terms 'landscape' and 'portrait' are derived from the subjects of traditional paintings that called for the different types of orientation, and have since been adopted for use in photography and printing, irrespective of the subject matter.

Landscape orientation describes an artwork intended for display horizontally, where the width exceeds the height, whereas portrait orientation describes an artwork intended for display vertically, where the height exceeds the width.

Signarture artworks are original, scalable and customisable. Within our online gallery you'll see them presented in square, landscape and panoramic formats, but where you need a portrait orientation, we can create that for you.

Bespoke Burrawang Extreme Portrait Orientation

We recently completed a project for Comdain Homes in Melbourne where interior designer Danijela Blazevic from Forte Interiors specified our 'burrawang' artwork for a tall niche in a highly visible part of this stunning display home. At 2400H x 800W this bespoke version of the design in an 'extreme' portrait orientation proved highly effective.

We've produced many bespoke portrait orientations of our designs over the years - often for installation in niches or in the open void of a stairwell. As we always say, if you love the artwork, we can make it your way, in whatever orientation and dimensions you need to suit your space.

Learn how to customise our artwork to your dimensions

Visit this Display Home at 1288 Toorak Road, Camberwell, Victoria VIC 3124. Check opening times with Comdain Homes.

Artwork for Outdoor Spaces

signarture outside in collection outdoor artwork

A spell of unseasonably warm weather is all it takes for most of us to start visualizing the summer months ahead relaxing or entertaining outdoors. 

Contemporary outdoor spaces, large or small, have become true extensions of our interior spaces, with an ever broader range of furnishing options to suit all tastes. As with any space, artworks are an effective means through which to transform the bland and unappealing into something that expresses your personal style

After the record breaking temperatures of the October long weekend just passed, we weren't surprised today to field several inquiries from clients asking about installing our signarture perspex artworks in courtyards and around pool areas.

In an outdoor setting our perspex art artworks really come to life as the changing angle of the sunlight adds an extra dimension to the shadow-casting.The effect will be different from sunrise through to sunset.

As much as we love the sun, particularly in areas of ozone depletion such as Australia, it isn't kind to our skin, or to printed or coloured materials of any sort. You'll be aware that even indoors behind glazing, if exposed to prolonged direct sunlight over a period of many years, your furnishings from timber flooring to upholstery will exhibit fading or degradation. 

Perspex is a thermoplastic acrylic glass that is UV stabilized - it doesn't yellow or craze like the plastics of old - and the inks we use offer the optimum in UV resistance. As well as being less fragile, and half the weight, perspex offers higher UV protection than glass. So those inks are even further protected.

For those of you living in the tropics, say in Far North Queensland, who get to enjoy your outdoor space year round, our perspex artworks are perfect. They remain completely unaffected by high humidity in which other materials would corrode, attract mold or warp. 

If your terrace, patio or balcony is looking less than inviting, have a look through our perspex art collections and create a space you'll love to spend time in this summer. 

London Design Festival 2015

Tinted Perspex Art Installation V&A London 2015We love the venerable yet completely contemporary V&A and we love it even more during the annual London Design Festival when it becomes the creative hub of the festival.

Our favourite installation this year would have to be the wonderful 'Mise en Abyme' by designers Laetitia de Allegri and Matteo Fogale which made use of our signarture material: perspex or acrylic glass.

Cut out sheets of various tints of perspex were arranged so as to create a tunnel and designed to distort perspective across the bridge that links the V&A museum's Medieval and Renaissance sculpture galleries.

Stained glass was used a lot during the Renaissance but the designers chose perspex as an alternative to glass because it has the same characteristics and beautiful colours but without the fragility or weight, contrasting with the heavy marble all around.

The irregular openings cut out from each panel gradually become smaller along the route while the tints become darker, exaggerating the perspective when looking through the tunnel formed by the overlapping sheets. The grout lines of tiles lining the bridge further enhance the illusion of exaggerated depth, creating a more immersive experience.

Mise-en-Abyme translates from French as "placed into abyss", and refers to the artistic technique that shows an image containing a smaller copy of itself in a recurring sequence.

A fabulous metaphorical bridging of the Renaissance Period and Contemporary Design through a thoroughly Modern material.

Art, Design and Technology

Some of our clients compare the ultra-modern appearance of our frameless perspex artworks to that of a flat screen TV. They certainly are as far removed from a canvas as the latter are from their analogue counterparts. A recent client who clearly loves his technology commented: "They're like the i-Phones of the art world". 

We'll take that as a compliment. Apple are world renowned for innovation, and for stimulating our desire for their brand of technology by delivering it to uncompromising design standards. Our artworks too are the result of an innovative blend of art, design and technology. 

The other week Apple unveiled their latest range of beautifully designed products, of which the iPhone 6S will be available in stores in Australia this week. As usual, in addition to offering enhanced functionality, such as 3D Touch, the new iPhone 6S is also offered in a new finish - rose gold.

In addition to the huge variety of artwork options that we offer, you also now have a choice of finish in the spacer bolts that are supplied with your perspex artwork.

The standard finish remains Satin Chrome, but by special order, Satin Gold and Satin Black are available, along with Bright Chrome and Bright Gold.

So whether your decor features warmer tones of gold and copper, or cooler tones of silver and pewter, or you're embracing the trend for mixed metallics, your artwork will fit right in. And if you planning on placing your artwork in the kitchen or bathroom there's even a satin black which will co-ordinate with the latest matt black tapware.  


Introducing Signarture 3D Framed Fine Art Perspex Prints

We're excited to be launching our new product line at the DEN Furniture * Design Fair in Melbourne.

Our innovative 3D Frame lends a whole new contemporary, organic feel to our fine art perspex prints.  

Retaining the light, minimal appearance of our frameless perspex artworks, there are no visible fixings and the wall colour shows through.

The frame holds the print away from the wall, and so is able to generate the unique, full colour, 3D shadow-casting effect for which Signarture perspex artworks are well known.

Constructed from sustainably sourced Tasmanian Oak, with a natural oiled finish that enhances the beauty of the raw timber, these frames are suit a wide range of interior styles, from contemporary to more traditional. 

Each frame is hand crafted and finished with our signarture engraved metal brand plate. Produced in limited edition, each print is accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Our aviary collection is now available as 3D framed fine art prints in a range of 4 sizes: find them in the online gallery