Art 'to go with the Sofa'...

signarture noosa artwork to go with sofa

If you're looking for art 'to go with your sofa', or indeed a sofa to go with your art, the Sculpture Objects Functional Art and Design Fair - SOFA - is not the place to start!

This inspirational annual exhibition of three-dimensional artworks that cross the boundaries of fine art, decorative art and design returns to Chicago again this week from November 5-8. An elite selection of international dealers present one-of-a-kind masterworks in custom-designed gallery exhibits, and whilst everyone is welcome to browse, the price-points will be well beyond the reach of all but a minority of serious art and design collectors. 

For most of us there is necessarily pragmatic requirement to find artworks that we love and will suit that space on the wall that is so often directly behind our sofa or lounge suite.

What determines the perfect proportions?

Of course, whilst there are no absolute rules with art, it's whatever makes you happy, but the dimensions of your sofa can act as your guide:

  • Firstly, the width of the sofa - is it a two seater, a three seater or a modular or sectional sofa? Your artworks should be at least 75% the width of your sofa, and whilst a single large work will always look good, a diptych above a 2 seat sofa or a triptych above a three seat sofa is a great option.
  • Secondly, at what height do the back cushions sit? If you have a contemporary, low back design, then you'll need more height in the artwork than if you have a high back couch above which a long, narrow piece will work proportionately better.

We designed the standard panoramic and rectangular sizes within our signarture range to cover these two scenarios respectively, but as we create each artwork bespoke, we also offer custom sizes to suit your particular requirements. 

Pictured is 'noosa' from our outside in collection, created as a 700 x 2100 'panoramic' canvas, perfect above the low backed, couch, and the interior designer reinforced it's impact by repeating colours within the artwork in the accent cushions - one of the seven techniques we described last week.

Enjoy browsing our collections for something 'to go with your sofa', or browsing the galleries at SOFA for something to add to your collection!