Modern and Contemporary in Art and Design

Contemporary interior design can incorporate an eclectic mix of both modern and contemporary furniture and art. And, even though our perspex artworks are often referred to as 'very modern', and indeed the material was popularized during the Modernist movement of design, they are strictly contemporary...

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Art Galleries and Online Art Galleries

2020 is showing us all that all manner of goods and services can be safely and securely accessed online. When it comes to buying artworks online, the primary concern is that the artwork will look different in real life compared to the online representation, something that at Signarture we have developed the tools to successfully overcome in 15 years of operation.

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Art 'to go with the Sofa'...

signarture noosa artwork to go with sofa

If you're looking for art 'to go with your sofa', or indeed a sofa to go with your art, the Sculpture Objects Functional Art and Design Fair - SOFA - is not the place to start!

This inspirational annual exhibition of three-dimensional artworks that cross the boundaries of fine art, decorative art and design returns to Chicago again this week from November 5-8. An elite selection of international dealers present one-of-a-kind masterworks in custom-designed gallery exhibits, and whilst everyone is welcome to browse, the price-points will be well beyond the reach of all but a minority of serious art and design collectors. 

For most of us there is necessarily pragmatic requirement to find artworks that we love and will suit that space on the wall that is so often directly behind our sofa or lounge suite.

What determines the perfect proportions?

Of course, whilst there are no absolute rules with art, it's whatever makes you happy, but the dimensions of your sofa can act as your guide:

  • Firstly, the width of the sofa - is it a two seater, a three seater or a modular or sectional sofa? Your artworks should be at least 75% the width of your sofa, and whilst a single large work will always look good, a diptych above a 2 seat sofa or a triptych above a three seat sofa is a great option.
  • Secondly, at what height do the back cushions sit? If you have a contemporary, low back design, then you'll need more height in the artwork than if you have a high back couch above which a long, narrow piece will work proportionately better.

We designed the standard panoramic and rectangular sizes within our signarture range to cover these two scenarios respectively, but as we create each artwork bespoke, we also offer custom sizes to suit your particular requirements. 

Pictured is 'noosa' from our outside in collection, created as a 700 x 2100 'panoramic' canvas, perfect above the low backed, couch, and the interior designer reinforced it's impact by repeating colours within the artwork in the accent cushions - one of the seven techniques we described last week.

Enjoy browsing our collections for something 'to go with your sofa', or browsing the galleries at SOFA for something to add to your collection! 

London Design Festival 2015

Tinted Perspex Art Installation V&A London 2015We love the venerable yet completely contemporary V&A and we love it even more during the annual London Design Festival when it becomes the creative hub of the festival.

Our favourite installation this year would have to be the wonderful 'Mise en Abyme' by designers Laetitia de Allegri and Matteo Fogale which made use of our signarture material: perspex or acrylic glass.

Cut out sheets of various tints of perspex were arranged so as to create a tunnel and designed to distort perspective across the bridge that links the V&A museum's Medieval and Renaissance sculpture galleries.

Stained glass was used a lot during the Renaissance but the designers chose perspex as an alternative to glass because it has the same characteristics and beautiful colours but without the fragility or weight, contrasting with the heavy marble all around.

The irregular openings cut out from each panel gradually become smaller along the route while the tints become darker, exaggerating the perspective when looking through the tunnel formed by the overlapping sheets. The grout lines of tiles lining the bridge further enhance the illusion of exaggerated depth, creating a more immersive experience.

Mise-en-Abyme translates from French as "placed into abyss", and refers to the artistic technique that shows an image containing a smaller copy of itself in a recurring sequence.

A fabulous metaphorical bridging of the Renaissance Period and Contemporary Design through a thoroughly Modern material.

Introducing Signarture 3D Framed Fine Art Perspex Prints

We're excited to be launching our new product line at the DEN Furniture * Design Fair in Melbourne.

Our innovative 3D Frame lends a whole new contemporary, organic feel to our fine art perspex prints.  

Retaining the light, minimal appearance of our frameless perspex artworks, there are no visible fixings and the wall colour shows through.

The frame holds the print away from the wall, and so is able to generate the unique, full colour, 3D shadow-casting effect for which Signarture perspex artworks are well known.

Constructed from sustainably sourced Tasmanian Oak, with a natural oiled finish that enhances the beauty of the raw timber, these frames are suit a wide range of interior styles, from contemporary to more traditional. 

Each frame is hand crafted and finished with our signarture engraved metal brand plate. Produced in limited edition, each print is accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Our aviary collection is now available as 3D framed fine art prints in a range of 4 sizes: find them in the online gallery

Meet Signarture at DEN Furniture * Design Fair 2015

We're delighted to be among some very select company at the inaugural DEN Furniture * Design Fair, and where we'll be introducing a new product line.

The three-day event will offer a fine selection of the best in contemporary furniture & design, lighting, textile & soft furnishings, home product design and home wares. The show has a strong focus on original, Australian designer brands both emerging and established and promises to bring together "the most inspiring talent and brand names this continent has ever seen under one roof!"

The show is primarily targeted at interior designers, stylists, decorators, architects, specifiers and the retail sector, and the first two days are strictly trade only, but on the Saturday welcomes a design savvy public too.

So register to attend if your a design professional or purchase a ticket if you're a design fan, and get yourself along to the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre between the 14th - 16th May 2015

We're looking forward to seeing you there.

Thursday 14th May 10am - 9pm  : TRADE ONLY

Friday 15th May 10am - 9pm : TRADE ONLY

Saturday 16th May 10am - 5pm : TRADE & PUBLIC

Sarah Leslie Sydney Royal Arts Show 2015 First Prize Winner

Last night Sarah Leslie, artist and founder of online gallery Signarture, attended the Sydney Royal Arts Preview for the Sydney Royal Arts Show for 2015.

At the awards ceremony, Robert Ryan OAM, President, Royal Agricultural Society of NSW, presented her with the First Prize in Digital Artwork Class 17 for her perspex artwork 'Burrawang Treescape III'. Sarah was also awarded the second prize in Class 18 for the perspex fine art print 'Pink Cockatoo'.

Sarah was a first time exhibitor in the inaugural Digital Artwork categories. Previously her artworks on perspex had fallen outside the strict guidelines for the traditional classifications of Painting, Printmaking and Photography, both in terms of process and medium. However, recognising the need to keep pace with technological advances and contemporary trends in Art and Design, the the Sydney Royal Arts & Crafts committee introduced the two new Digital Artwork classes for 2015.

The artworks will be on public display, with most available for sale, throughout the 2015 Sydney Royal Arts Show which is held during the Sydney Royal Easter Show, at the Sydney Showground, Olympic Park, from Thursday 26 March to Wednesday 8 April 2015. 

Sarah was delighted that her award winning, one-off artwork also sold during the Preview event, but similar can be found within the online gallery and ordered bespoke in the size and shape to suit your particular space.

Update: the 'pink cockatoo' fine art print sold on the opening day of the Show, but again, similar can be found within the online gallery .