Buying Artworks Online from the USA or Canada?

Are you visiting our online art gallery from Canada or the USA?

Having shipped our signarture artworks right across the continent of North America, from California to Connecticut, we not only know that you're more likely to call acrylic glass 'plexiglas' rather than 'perspex', we know what's really important to you:

Dollar Pricing

Our native dollars are different, and you'll love our prices all the more once you've clicked the little dropdown box at the top right and selected USD or CAD.

Imperial Sizing

Like Canada, Australia has moved on from imperial to metric, but we get you in the USA! Here's the conversion for all our standard sizes. For absolute accuracy, divide centimetres by 2.54 to convert to inches.

Convert Signarture Artwork Sizes from Metric to Imperial

Paint Colour Standards

Yes, we speak Benjamin Moore. Should you wish to colour customise, or just be absolutely sure what colours our artworks are, we've got you covered.

International Shipping

Add any artwork to the cart and you can preview shipping charges by entering your country and zip code, and rest assured you'll be able to track delivery from dispatch to your door.


Thankfully, we do speak the same language. Well, almost ;) 

If you'd like our advice on selecting the perfect artwork for your place or project, please don't hesitate to get in touch and depending on your time-zone we can even set up a call.