Artwork for Outdoor Rooms, Courtyards, Patios, Terraces, Balconies

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A spell of unseasonably warm weather is all it takes for most of us to start visualizing the summer months ahead relaxing or entertaining outdoors. 

Contemporary outdoor spaces, large or small, have become true extensions of our interior spaces, with an ever broader range of furnishing options to suit all tastes.

Whether a balcony, courtyard, patio, pool area or terrace, as with any space, artworks are an effective means through which to transform the bland and unappealing into something that expresses your personal style

And in an outdoor setting our perspex art artworks really come to life as the changing angle of the sunlight adds an extra dimension to the shadow-casting. The effect will be different from sunrise through to sunset.

As much as we love the sun, particularly in areas of ozone depletion such as Australia, it isn't kind to our skin, or to printed or coloured materials of any sort. You'll be aware that even indoors behind glazing, if exposed to prolonged direct sunlight over a period of many years, your furnishings from timber flooring to upholstery will exhibit fading or degradation. 

Perspex is a thermoplastic acrylic glass that is UV stabilized - it doesn't yellow or craze like the plastics of old - and the inks we use offer the optimum in UV resistance. As well as being less fragile, and half the weight, perspex offers higher UV protection than glass. So those inks are even further protected.

For those of you living in the tropics, say in Far North Queensland, who get to enjoy your outdoor space year round, our perspex artworks are perfect. They remain completely unaffected by high humidity in which other materials would corrode, attract mould or warp. 

If your terrace, patio or balcony is looking less than inviting, have a look through our perspex art collections and create a space you'll love to spend time in this summer.