Practical Considerations for Artwork Installation

So, you’ve fallen in love with one of our artworks, you've already measured up for the perfect spot, and you’re getting ready to commit to it. What are some of the practical considerations?


Highly robust yet lightweight, the weight of our stretched canvases is never a concern. But if you're less familiar with perspex, also known as acrylic glass, like many before you be wondering whether your walls will bear their weight.

One of the benefits of the medium is that it is half the weight of glass of the same dimensions. The number of fixtures that we provide to anchor each panel, and their combined load bearing capacity, ensures that you won’t even need to find the studs in a plasterboard wall.


Once you’ve made the commitment, it's a good idea to give some thought to the lighting ahead of your artwork's arrival, though this can also be optimised post-installation.

  • Source

We would always recommend that your use modern LED light sources wherever possible as they do not give off any UV light or heat that over time could potentially damage your artwork. You could also consider placing UV filters over existing halogen lamps.

Even though our artworks are created with UV cured inks, choosing LED is always a good idea.

  • Direction

Whilst wall-mounted spot lights can be a good way to illuminate smaller works in more traditional settings, ceiling-mounted spotlights are the best way to draw attention and illuminate a specific artwork, and large artworks may require two spots. They allow for the light to be adjusted and the beam to illuminate the entire artwork. Place the light so it hits the centre of the artwork at around a 30-degree angle. Having spotlights on a track system comes will make them easier to move and adjust. Ceiling mounted down-lights that have a gimbal allowing directional adjustment can also work well, and are certainly less intrusive, whilst wall washers give a very contemporary feeling and suits contemporary art.

Our perspex artworks are designed so that light can interact with the transparency of the medium to create a stunning 3D effect, and will benefit greatly from being well lit.

Professional Installation

Signarture Installation

All our artworks are supplied ready to hand, and come with instructions, but we're also delighted to offer professional artwork installation through our alliance with leading installers in Australian capital cities.

If you would like to take advantage of this service, once you’ve placed your order, or by way of the comments box for online orders, let us know your requirements and we will place you in contact with the relevant installer who can provide a quote and arrange this for a day to suit.

To accurately quote for your job, in addition to knowing the size of the artwork / number of panels and the address for installation, they will want to know the parameters of the space where it will be installed, such as whether it is to be mounted at inside or outside, at height, or in an area with restricted access.