Art Galleries and Online Art Galleries

Prior to the pandemic, in an ideal world, many of us would have liked to have the time and opportunity to be able to browse through artworks at art shows or in art galleries, but not all of us had ready access to these, let alone to ones exhibiting artworks of interest to us. Not everyone lives in a city which plays host to a major art show.

2020 is showing us all that, with digital technologies, our physical location is no longer material in so many ways, and that access is open to all with an internet connection.

At Signarture, which launched with an online art gallery in 2006, we were early to embrace digital technologies to transform not just access to artworks, but access to bespoke artworks.  

We fully conceived the key advantages to buying art online, verified in subsequent surveys:

  • Three quarters of the art buyers who responded agreed that online art galleries make it easier to search for artworks that they like, and that they enable discovery of artworks they would otherwise never have come across.
  • Two thirds of respondents indicated they also found it more convenient to buy art online.
On the flip side, the primary concern is that the artwork will look different in real life compared to the online representation, something that at Signarture we have successfully overcome:


  1. by publishing high quality images of the artworks and examples of them in situ throughout the gallery
  2. by providing fool-proof colour communication and assurance
  3. but through our artwork proofing service. 

For total peace of mind you can get a true feel for both the colours and the appearance of your chosen artwork by ordering a pre-production proof on the actual artist canvas or perspex that would be used for your artwork.

If you'd like to talk to us and learn more about our artworks, just give us a call during business hours, or use the form on the contact us page at any time to request a call back.

We thoroughly enjoy attending blockbuster international art shows such as Frieze, Sydney Contemporary on our home turf., and the many galleries around us. We also thoroughly enjoy exhibiting. But until the current pandemic passes, we look forward to continuing to meet you online, wherever you are. 

Happy browsing!