Portrait or Landscape Artwork Orientation

Comdain HomesThe terms 'landscape' and 'portrait' are derived from the subjects of traditional paintings that called for the different types of orientation, and have since been adopted for use in photography and printing, irrespective of the subject matter.

Landscape orientation describes an artwork intended for display horizontally, where the width exceeds the height, whereas portrait orientation describes an artwork intended for display vertically, where the height exceeds the width.

Signarture artworks are original, scalable and customisable. Within our online gallery you'll see them presented in square, landscape and panoramic formats, but where you need a portrait orientation, we can create that for you.

Bespoke Burrawang Extreme Portrait Orientation

In this project for Comdain Homes in Melbourne, interior designer Danijela Blazevic from Forte Interiors specified our 'burrawang' artwork for a tall niche in a highly visible part of this stunning display home. At 2400H x 800W this bespoke version of the design in an 'extreme' portrait orientation proved highly effective.

We've produced many bespoke portrait orientations of our designs over the years - often for installation in niches or in the open void of a stairwell. As we always say, if you love the artwork, we can make it your way, in whatever orientation and dimensions you need to suit your space.

Learn how to customise our artwork to your dimensions