Incorporating New Interior Colour Trends through Customised Artworks

Nothing transforms a space faster than colour. The arrival of Spring, and the urge to renovate and refurbish, is the ideal time to consider how to incorporate colours that will make you feel right at home. Take advantage of our bespoke service to create an artwork that features the colours you love, an exclusive piece.

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Portrait or Landscape Artwork Orientation

Comdain HomesThe terms 'landscape' and 'portrait' are derived from the subjects of traditional paintings that called for the different types of orientation, and have since been adopted for use in photography and printing, irrespective of the subject matter.

Landscape orientation describes an artwork intended for display horizontally, where the width exceeds the height, whereas portrait orientation describes an artwork intended for display vertically, where the height exceeds the width.

Signarture artworks are original, scalable and customisable. Within our online gallery you'll see them presented in square, landscape and panoramic formats, but where you need a portrait orientation, we can create that for you.

Bespoke Burrawang Extreme Portrait Orientation

We recently completed a project for Comdain Homes in Melbourne where interior designer Danijela Blazevic from Forte Interiors specified our 'burrawang' artwork for a tall niche in a highly visible part of this stunning display home. At 2400H x 800W this bespoke version of the design in an 'extreme' portrait orientation proved highly effective.

We've produced many bespoke portrait orientations of our designs over the years - often for installation in niches or in the open void of a stairwell. As we always say, if you love the artwork, we can make it your way, in whatever orientation and dimensions you need to suit your space.

Learn how to customise our artwork to your dimensions

Visit this Display Home at 1288 Toorak Road, Camberwell, Victoria VIC 3124. Check opening times with Comdain Homes.

Creating Bespoke Design Elements

signarture kuranda artwork applied to mirror feature in hospitality setting 

Signarture artworks are original, customisable and scalable. Beyond the ready to hang range of artworks that are available to browse and purchase through our online gallery, our designs can also be applied to a wide range of materials from glass to wallpapers, timber to metals to create points of distinction for a range of projects.

For professional interior designers and architects this offers the opportunity to create bespoke, decorative features in a range of settings from hospitality to residential, or to augment client branding in a commercial settings.

We worked with the design team at Graphite Architects to adapting our Kuranda design to create the bespoke mirrored artwork feature shown above. The colours were customised to tome with the upholstery fabric they had already specified, and the design was oriented, scaled and applied to mirrored glass through a specialist fabrication process.  

The options are limited only by the imagination and the clients' budget.

Creating Custom Colour Bespoke Artworks

Image Credit: Dulux Australia

Colour is one of the most important considerations when choosing an artwork, or indeed any aspect of your home furnishings and decor. We all have our favourites, and colour is usually the first thing that will attract us to a particular item, whether that be an artwork, a fabric, a sofa or a dress.

With each new season, led by the fashion industry, new colours gain desirability and prominence and others loose their allure, only to be revived at some future point in a retro celebration of their heyday.

We a create colour palettes informed by these global trends in fashion and design, and within our online galleries, our collections present each artworks in several 'ready to hang' colourways drawn from these palettes.

But you can also choose to take advantage of our bespoke service and request that we create an artwork that features the colours you love, an exclusive piece. And, unlike fashion, such 'couture' artworks provide you with a point of distinction without a small fortune.

Dulux Australia have just released their colour trend forecast for 2016, and their sentiments reflect the Signarture ethos: 

"We desire the unique, the bespoke, the individual – seeking products that will add a sense of luxury and distinction in our lives. A new industry of customisation is being created by the makers, the designers, the creators – producing handcrafted products that connect with us and focus on the importance of design more than ever before". 

Signarture was founded on the premise that it should be easy to colour customise our artworks to incorporate your desired hues. And that you should be assured of the accuracy with which this can be achieved. Wherever you may be, we can communicate via the colours published by the world's leading paint manufacturers, such as Dulux.

If you're in need of colour inspiration, or interested to see what colours are predicted for Australian homes for the the year ahead, take a look at the just released Dulux Colour Forecast for 2016.